Tommy's Wired and Mommy's Tired

Tommy's Wired and Mommy's Tired

Help for Moms of High-Energy Kids (And Tips for Family and Friends)

Rita Bergen


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Because super-active children push the boundaries of society’s expected behaviors, moms of the hyperactive often feel alone, misunderstood, and judged while also being exhausted from handling that high-energy child. Tommy's Wired and Mommy's Tired offers hope to these mothers through inspirational narratives based on the challenges Rita Bergen faced when parenting her hyperactive son. From her son's prenatal circus to out-of-control toddler years and an electrical childhood, Rita’s anecdotes care for the needs of the mother by addressing a variety of topics specific to moms, such as coping with emotions, managing your world, and understanding the realities of hyperactivity. Tommy's Wired and Mommy's Tired offers empathy and inspiration, not child-raising formulas or behavior management tips. Many great books give advice for managing hyperactive behavior, yet these don’t immediately improve a mother’s fatigue because consistently implementing all the advice is a non-stop, exhausting job. Therefore, Tommy's Wired and Mommy's Tired seeks to inspire courage rather than teach child-raising strategies—offering perspective and hope to moms who face the difficult work of raising a super-active child. The content also includes a letter from Rita’s adult, hyperactive son in which he thanks moms of wired children for their tireless effort, assuring them that all their blood, sweat, and tears are worth it in the end. A bonus section of Frequently Asked Questions provides helpful tips to family and friends who desire to help a struggling mother.



Rita Bergen:

Rita Bergen, a graduate of the University of Kansas, used her degree both to homeschool her children (elementary and middle school) and to teach workshops for college students with neurological disabilities (including ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder). Mother of four, grandmother of eight and mentor to many, Rita now lives in the Kansas City metro area with her husband of thirty-nine years. Her blog for moms, 30 Seconds for Hope, can be found at