The Blessed Christian Family

The Blessed Christian Family

Dr. Yunus Ciptawilangga


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As for this second book, each topic of the books explains the following matters:

The Blessed Christian Family

Family is a unit created by God Himself. Since the very beginning when God created man, He planned to make man as the object of His love. This book explains what kind of people are blessed with a good family and what kind of blessed family God promised.

Family Worship

Inviting God to be present in our homes is the core or essence of family worship which was revealed by the Lord Jesus in Matthew 18:19-20.

The writer’s family has been doing family worship for more than twenty-five years and he give an example of the liturgy of family worship they usually do. He also explained the blessing he and the rest of his family received because of this family worship.

The Major Ministry

Serving or ministering is not an unfamiliar word for God’s children, and if we intend to discuss matters related to service or ministry, certainly there are many related aspects we can dig into. Therefore, this book discusses only two of them. Those are:

  • The concept or perception of ministry.
  • The major ministry.


Since 2003 the writer has been spending time to make a study of blessings. Why? Because the writer wondered why God has been so kind and generous to him and his family. This book explained that in fact God has provided incredible blessings for us and the writer will discuss only 7 greatest blessings. What are they, and how can we get them, and where do they come from.

Our Attitude in the House of God

Many people assume that because we are saved by grace, we may act at will in worship. If we read Isaiah 1:10-15 we will find out that God was so angry at people who entered God’s house improperly, exceeding His wrath to the idol worshippers. Why was so? Because when we enter the house of God in inappropriate manners and attitudes, we are actually insulting God as the owner of the house. And the Lord pronounces His punishment to those who insult Him.

Worship the Father in Spirit and in Truth

John 4:20-24 explains three types of worship, namely:

  1. Worship prior to the existence of the Law.
  2. Worship based on the Law.
  3. Worship in spirit and in truth, that is applying the Word of God in every second of our lives wherever we are.

To be Children of God or Servants of God

Today there are many Christian sermons and songs with the theme that “Our life is for serving God.”

If we read Luke 10:38-42 which tells about Maria and Marta, Jesus said that sitting at the Lord’s feet and listening to His Words considered to be the best choice, because God has made us His children so as to become the object of His love! For to be near to God and keep listening to His Words will enable us to draw closer to Him and get a deeper relationship with Him, to understand His will so that we can do His will and become God-pleasing children.


Dr. Yunus Ciptawilangga:

Dr. Yunus Ciptawilangga, MBA

Education: 1984 - Bachelor of English Language. 1993 - Master of Business Administration. Profession:  Entrepeneur in restaurants and technology of information.