Teachers Are Burdened

Teachers Are Burdened

Proven Tips to Lighten the Load and Win

Janice Scott Cover EdD


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Teachers are the cornerstone of society. Communities rely heavily on educators’ wisdom and place enormous confidence in their abilities to frame an educated, democratic, and competitive nation. Every teacher wants for themselves what they desire for each student: to be a winner. In Teachers are Burdened, author Dr. Janice Scott Cover draws on her lifelong experience as a teacher to offer inspiration and guidance on teaching.

She assures her fellow educators they, too, can achieve personal and professional success for themselves and the students that will inevitably leave an eternal impact. Teachers are Burdened includes chapters on self-evaluation, effective communication, continuous learning, how to live with passion and more. This inspirational guide offers a blueprint for success for both teacher and student.

Exclusive end-of-chapter components include the Teachers’ Corner that poses engaging questions and ideas for individuals or groups. Digging In activities help to successfully organize, develop, and implement winning teaching, learning, and growth strategies. Teachers are Burdened validates proven strategies, supported by triumphs over challenges from Cover’s personal and professional experiences.