Teaching Basic, Advanced, and Academic Vocabulary

Teaching Basic, Advanced, and Academic Vocabulary

A Comprehensive Framework for Elementary Instruction (Carefully curated clusters of tiered vocabulary for K–5 language and literacy development)

Robert J. Marzano


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Construct a strong foundation for literacy development and academic achievement. Based on a robust analysis of high-frequency words, Dr. Robert J. Marzano identifies more than 8,000 basic, advanced, and academic vocabulary terms for grades K–5. The terms are organized into 444 semantic clusters, which have been carefully curated to provide a rich semantic context for students and aid their learning.

Use this resource to help students learn a tiered vocabulary and close the achievement gap in education.

  • Understand the importance of students having strong foundational vocabulary and its effect on academic achievement.
  • Learn the cluster approach to vocabulary instruction and how it helps students gradually learn the unique features of terms.
  • Gain 420 word clusters specific to basic (tier one) and advanced (tier two) terms, and obtain a diagnostic assessment tool to identify where students fall on the cluster continuum.
  • Discover how to utilize a six-step process when teaching academic (tier three) terms.
  • Ascertain the benefit of having a coordinated schoolwide plan for vocabulary instruction, including early literacy development.
  • Learn strategies for teaching students who require individualized assistance, such as students from poverty and English learners.
  • Access an online vocabulary tool, as well as a student notebook designed to help learners track their progress with semantic clusters.
  • Contents:
    Introduction: The Importance of Vocabulary Knowledge
    Chapter 1: Teaching and Reinforcing Tier One and Tier Two Terms as a Schoolwide Effort
    Chapter 2: Tier One and Tier Two Terms for Individual Students
    Chapter 3: Teaching Tier Three Terms
    Appendix A
    Appendix B: Hardcopy Diagnostic Assessment
    Appendix C
    References and Resources